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Oral Health

Your teeth are not the only important part of your mouth. Your gums are essential to good oral hygiene, especially with the new research showing links between periodontal disease and diabetes and heart disease. While at our office, we make sure that you receive the highest level of service to ensure your oral health is properly maintained. Our hygienists utilize a soft tissue management protocol, which is a non-surgical treatment to enhance your oral health care. We can help personalize a dental hygiene routine for you that will keep your teeth healthy and white for years to come. If you have any questions about your current hygiene plan please ask us.


There are diverse types of filling materials. The two most commonly used are amalgam (silver) and composite (white) fillings. The doctors will decide which type of restoration is best for each individual tooth. Composite fillings are the most popular method to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. They are bonded to the tooth and can be used to correct cracks or gaps in teeth, as a filling after a cavity has been removed, or to cover up stains or discolored teeth. However, some cavities are too large for the bonded filling or under the gum and the traditional silver filling may be needed since it is hydrophilic.


Crowns are full coverage restorations. As we age our teeth can become weakened and more susceptible to dental problems such as cracks or decay. Sometimes these problems are too large for a tooth filling to properly repair the problem. In such cases, the dentist will suggest the tooth be restored by a crown to better protect the tooth from further breakdown. Crowns can be made from ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, or a full gold crown. Depending on the extent of the damage and your aesthetic goals the doctor will work with you to pick the best type of material for your crown.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlay and onlay are often referred to as partial crowns. They are more conservative than a full coverage crown. We use them in cases when a filling is not sufficient, but a crown would destroy too much healthy tooth structure. They are typically made from a ceramic material that is similar in color to your natural tooth.


Dental implants are the current standard of care for a missing tooth. Most patients feel implants are just like their natural teeth. They experience more comfort and better fit with implants than other restorative alternatives.

Implants do not require any alterations to your other natural teeth unlike bridges and dentures, which do. They are cleaned and maintained just like your other natural teeth and are the most ideal solution for permanently replacing any missing teeth.



We utilize a clear braces system to help improve your teeth instead of conventional braces. We will do an initial consult with pictures and 3D scans to custom design your specific case to meet your smile goals. Once we are ready to move forward a series of transparent plastic aligners are utilized to create tooth movement. They are virtually undetectable, easy to use and comfortable to wear.